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Alternative to the proceedings
The procurator can propose to the contravener the classification without continuation of his infringement provided the driver carries out a training course of sensitizing. In this case the procurator classifies the business without continuation: the driver incurs any more, because of infringement considered, neither amends, neither suspension of licence, nor loss of points. The fact of following this training course does not give on the other hand right to recovery of points if the driver would have lost points following other infringements.

Penalty composition
Within the framework of the penalty composition, the delegate of the procurator can require from the contravener to carry out a training course of sensitizing. the training course does not give place to the reconstitution of points.

Complementary sorrow or imposed obligation within the framework of the deferment with setting to the test : (Art. 131-37-1 & R.132-45 of the penal code)
Decided by the jurisdiction of judgment or the judge of the application of the sorrows. the training course must be carried out within 6 month from the date on which the judgment became final. the training course does not give place to the reconstitution of points.

Probatory licence
It is a driving licence equipped with a capital of 6 points for one 3 years probationary period reduced to 2 years for the people having followed the die of training anticipated of control (led accompanied). It concerned all those which obtained their driving licence from March 1 2004. are also concerned the foreigners who reach with a French licence, those who had a cancelled or invalidated licence, the soldiers in exchange of a civil licence.

During the probationary period, you are obliged to follow a training course if you were condemned for an infringement involving a loss of 3 points or more. You are informed by letter registered with acknowledgement of delivery and must carry out the training course within 4 months after reception of the letter.

The training course enables you to recover 4 points (without being able to exceed the number of 6 points for the probationary period) and to make you refund the amount of the fine.

Voluntary training course of recovery of points
You were charged .you have received from the ministry of interior a document ref. 48 informing you of the loss of points. You wish to carry out a training course to recover points. In this case, it is important that you know exactly where you are of your capital points.
indeed, to be able to recover points following the training course indeed, you must answer the following conditions :

Not to have followed a similar training course less than one year before the date
        of the training course

     > To at least have a point on the driving licence to the date of the training course
To have actually lost points at the date of the training course

The training course makes possible to recover 4 points maximum. the number of points, after recovery of point following the training course, is indeed limited to 12 (to 6 in probationary period).

Be careful, there exist times between the loss of points and its charge on the national file and the mail informing the driver. Thus a driver can have lost the all his points juridically speaking without not being still registered on the national file and without the points relative to a training course being able to be credited . It is the capital points, such as it appears in the national file of the driving licences, which is taken.

We recall you that it belongs to you, to go personally in any prefecture or under prefecture, to check which is your current balance of points.

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